To go further

If you want to learn more about the Staging with Avatars and be able to use different devices and create projects by your own, you are welcome to contact us in order to get an account on the web-site.

Once you are registered user, you will get access to a number of guides, created or adapted for the purpose of using virtual reality in the theatre:

  • Guide AKN-Regie
  • Guide Mocap (Perception Neuron, Rokoko, Kinect)
  • Guide AKN-Regie advanced

They are step by step instructions that will give you the basic knowledge of the system.

Guide AKN-Regie

Here you will find next pages that will allow you to recreate a level from scratch and get practical information about the use of different devices.

  • STEP 1. Level

In the first step you will learn how to create a scene similar to the Demo1 from zero. It consists of the following actions:

    • Create a level
    • Add the CueSheet, GA01 and GC01
    • Positionning of the goals

  • STEP 2. CueSheet

In the second step you will learn how to use the CueSheet system.

    • Cueing system
    • UE4 blueprint context
    • Cue10, Cue20 and EventGraph. Default settings

  • STEP 3. Adding a cue

Here you will program cues in the CueSheet.

    • Adding new goals
    • Adding Cue30
    • Programming the cue
    • Changing the order of cues and Initialization Cue

  • STEP 4. Adding an avatar

Step four is dedicated to adding avatars in the game.

    • Types of avatars
    • Adding the second avatar
    • Programming the avatar

  • STEP 5. NanoKontrol

The step 5 is aimed to introduce a midi device very useful to facilitate navigation in the game.

    • Introduction
    • Programming NanoKnotrol

Guide Mocap

In this part you will be introduced to 3 low cost mocap system and learn :

  • The specificities of the systems
  • How to put on the mocaps
  • How to connect the mocap softwares to Unreal4
  • How to debug recurrent problems

Guide AKN-Regie advanced

Here is detailed information about advanced functionalities of AKN-Regie.