Test by yourself

For illustrating the possibilities of the virtual part of the avatarstaging, we created a project, where you can direct an animated avatar and control a camera by yourself, using the keyboard.

In order to do this, you will need to make several simple operations:

    • Install Unreal Engine
    • Download several plugins
    • Create a project
    • Activate plugins
    • Open a level, that we created for you and test.

Here are step by step instructions:


Please, make attention : we are currently working with 4.18 version, so you have to install this version.

Further you will find video, demonstrating all the steps from instalation of the plugins to launching the game as well as detailed instruction, following the video.

En cas de problème, cliquer ici pour lire la vidéo

1. Unzip two plugins in two folders: AKN_Regie and Perception Neuron.

2. Put the two folders in the plugins of your Unreal Engine, by the address: (Your folder) - Epic Games - UE_4.18 - Engine - Plugins


If you have installed everything using the video and you do not need the written-guide, please follow this link to find out directly how to manipulate the avatar with a keyboard.

En cas de problème, cliquer ici pour lire la vidéo